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Mold Prevention And Remediation Tips For A Healthy Home

The home you live in provides you an environment that you spend much of your time in, and you need to keep it clean. The air inside your home can become filled with mold spores when you have a mold problem, and the more mold there is, the worse off your health problem can become. Here are some prevention and clean-up tips when you are experiencing a mold growth problem in your home.

Be on the Look-Out

Mold is already present in the air you breathe on a regular basis, but when you have a mold growth problem in your home, you will need to find it and any other areas of mold growth so you can clean it up. Mold in your home can cause asthma and breathing problems and lead to more serious complications when you allow it to remain in your home.

Any areas in your home where there is water and moisture present, dry them out regularly. Wipe up any spilled water and air out the space using a fan or a dehumidifier. Open up the window in your bathroom after showering or run the ventilation fan to push the moist air outside your home. It is also helpful to wipe out your bathtub or shower to remove standing water and reduce moisture. Allow your shower curtain to air dry, and if you find mold or mildew growth on the shower curtain, replace it or clean it with a bleach solution.

Be diligent with regular mold inspections inside your home. If you find mold or suspect there is more mold growth than what you have found, there is likely more mold. Contact a local mold inspector to evaluate your home's condition. They will be able to investigate areas inside your home where mold problems commonly spread. For example, if you have had flooding in your laundry room, you may have mold growth on the inside of your wall and in the drywall, which a professional mold inspector will be able to determine for you.

Protect Your Home

After dealing with a mold problem and its clean-up, you need to remain diligent with watching for future mold, mildew, and moisture problems. A dehumidifier is a great investment to use in your home. If your home's HVAC system does not have one, install one or add a dehumidifier to areas in your home where moisture is present. 

You can use vinegar to treat areas in your home that are exposed to water on a daily basis to prevent mold growth. Use a spray bottle filled with vinegar to treat the wall or surface and prevent mold spore growth.

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