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How To Use A Dumpster Service

Dumpsters are handy for clearing out yard waste and household junk. You can throw a lot of different things in a dumpster, but there are some prohibited items to be aware of. If you've never rented a dumpster before, be sure to discuss how you want to use it with the dumpster service so you don't incur surprise fees when the container is picked up. Here are some tips on how to use a dumpster rental.

Get The Best Price

A dumpster company usually charges by the volume the dumpster can hold and the weight of your debris. They might also base the fee on what kind of debris you have. For instance, it may cost a lower rate if you keep construction supplies separate from household junk and household junk separate from yard waste.

The price you pay also depends on the length of your rental, so don't rent the dumpster for longer than you need, and work efficiently once the dumpster is delivered. To get the best rate on your rental, order the smallest size to fit your needs.

In addition, don't load the dumpster up with heavy items, such as concrete blocks, and exceed the weight limit. Likewise, don't mix debris if you're not supposed to, and don't overfill the dumpster so debris is sticking out of the top.

Know What To Throw Out

Dumpster services and county landfills have their own policies, so the only way to know if an item is allowed in the landfill is to ask the dumpster company. You may need to call them to ask if items like mattresses can go to the landfill.

Besides mattresses, you might not be allowed to toss upholstered furniture, chemicals, gasoline, paint, electronics, tree stumps, appliances, tires, or car batteries into the container. If you need to get rid of junk the dumpster service won't take, call your landfill or recycling center and find out your county or city policy for how to dispose of these things.

Use Helpful Equipment

If you have a lot of junk to get rid of, you'll get tired of making multiple trips to the dumpster if you carry things by hand. To avoid this, rent or buy a hand truck or dolly so it's easy for you to go from your garage or front door right into the dumpster to drop things off.

When your dumpster gets full, you may need to close the gate and throw things over the top, so try to get the heaviest things in first. This way, getting them in the dumpster is easy. If you don't box or bag things, you can strap a big trash can to a hand truck so it's easy to shovel debris in the can and empty it in the dumpster.

If you're renting the dumpster for yard waste, take time to cut up tree branches with a saw or loppers so they're compact rather than bushy. Otherwise, they will take up too much room. Also, make sure you don't exceed the size limit for branches and limbs as determined by your local landfill.

You may also want a tarp for your dumpster if you plan to keep it a few days. The tarp keeps out rain and potential pests. Plus, it might keep dumpster divers away so you don't have to worry about strangers or neighbors digging through your waste. Contact a dumpster service for more information.